Information about TLC Market

How it works

How it works

TLCMKT works similar to other leading online marketplaces, such as eBay. The steps to sign-up to rent, sell or buy on the platform are as follows. 

1. Click 'Sign Up' (create an account using email)

2. An email will be sent to confirm your registration

3. THAT'S IT! You've officially signed up to the marketplace. 

Navigating Your Account

There are four main tabs of your user account.
  • Profile
  • My listings
  • Inbox
  • Settings

Your Profile
Under profile you'll have a quick overview of your listings, followed people and reviews. If you click Edit Profile  you can edit details including how your name is displayed, location, phone number, profile pic and also describe yourself or company. 

We recommend you fill in as many details as possible to increase interaction on the marketplace. The more a potential customer knows about you, the more likely they are willing to interact with your listing(s). The more interactions, the more reviews, the more trust, etc. 

Creating & Managing Your Listings
If you would like to create a listing simple click '+Post a new listing'  (top right hand of page on a desktop and top left hand on a mobile) . Select the relevant listing type (i.e. if you're listing a TLC rental it would be 'TLC Rentals'). Fill in the required details and any other relevant information and pictures. After you're done click 'Post listing'. 

If you click on Listings in the Settings tab or My listings under the profile image you'll be able to easily search and manage all your listings. 

Inbox & Messaging 
Under the Profile icon, Inbox shows you all messages sent by other marketplace participants as well as any subsequent responses.

Payments & Transaction History
While marketplace participants can directly arrange payments with one another we highly recommend connecting a PayPal account to their user account for transactions (for rentals we recommend this for the initial transaction only). We recommend this for a few reasons. The only way to rate a marketplace participant is to actually confirm a transaction has taken place. We do this to prevent fake reviews by people who never actually transacted with a marketplace participant. The second reason we recommend doing this is to provide a reliable and secure payment platform that both buyers and sellers can trust.  

Under Notifications in the Settings Tab you can control how various notifications are sent to you.

Account Management
Under Account in the Settings Tab you change/edit your registered email address and password. You can also permanently delete your account.